At Brookline Dental we believe the path to a healthier mouth begins with an effective oral home care regimen. While some of our patients have excellent home care, others fail to properly brush and clean therefore not effectively removing harmful biofilm. In the past we have recommended an oral rinse to kill bacteria, but we started thinking….. what about viruses, fungi, and volatile sulfur compounds?


We started researching other products we could recommend to our patients, something which not only kills bacteria but also helps neutralize the viruses, fungi, and volatile sulfur compounds.

After extensive research, we came across and vetted Oracare. It is designed to provide patients with a fast, easy way to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and volatile sulfur compounds while promoting long-term tissue management. It’s a true game changer in dental hygiene.

So you’re probably wondering how this works….

So, here goes….OraCare is a two-bottle rinse which features chlorine dioxide as its active ingredient. We recommend using it at least three times a day. While other products say they feature stabilized chlorine dioxide, it is really sodium chlorite, which is not chlorine dioxide. To get chlorine dioxide (which is a gas), you must mix sodium chlorite with an acid, every time you use it. This is why OraCare comes in two bottles, by combining the two components immediately before you rinse, you get true chlorine dioxide.

Here are five reasons why our hygienists, Melissa and Nora believe that OraCare is a game changer for oral health:

1) OraCare is a great alternative to chlorhexidine

For many decades, chlorhexidine (CHX) has been the “gold standard.” While CHX successfully destroys bacteria it has many side effects which include tooth stain, an increase in calculus build up, mouth irritation, and changes in taste. Additionally, chlorhexidine is generally only recommended for short-term use (2 weeks), and not meant to be a long-term oral health solution.

OraCare is a better solution. In contrast to chlorhexidine, OraCare is not associated with any of the unpleasant side effects referenced above. OraCare can also be used long-term by all patients; from patients with healthy gingiva to gingivitis to perio patients.  So,  pretty much all of our lovely patients can benefit from it!

2) Destroys more than bacteria

One of OraCare’s greatest assets is its versatility and ability to be used to treat many oral health conditions. Here are just a few of the many ways that OraCare promotes oral health:

  • OraCare kills viruses and fungi that are resistant to chlorhexidine.
  • OraCare neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that are associated with halitosis and impede wound healing.
  • OraCare promotes the healing process.
  • OraCare helps break down biofilm, helping patients improve their oral hygiene and thus their oral and overall health.

3) OraCare is beneficial for patients who do not floss

“The first nationally representative analysis designed to determine how many people floss their teeth found that those who floss daily amount to 30 percent of the population. Just over 37 percent report less than daily flossing; slightly over 32 percent say they never floss.”

– Steve Sternberg, Assistant Managing Editor for Health Initiatives

OraCare provides an excellent means of removing pathogens that are linked to disease. Even if patients brush and clean interdentally on a regular basis, they are only caring for tooth structure, which accounts for 22% of the mouth, and miss about 78% of the soft tissue in the mouth where pathogens often exist. Oracare’s active ingredient, activated chlorine dioxide, can reach the areas brushing and interdentally cleaning, or lack thereof, miss.

4) OraCare offers long-term tissue management

“The effects of periodontal disease range from mild redness and swelling of the gums (gingivitis) to complete destruction of the tooth’s bony support structure (advanced periodontitis), which is responsible for tooth loss. Over the years, people with periodontal disease have been found to be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, pregnancy complications, and dementia.”

– Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School

We know healthy gingival tissue, free from inflammation, plays a vital role in patients’ overall oral health. As prevention specialists, we are dedicated to finding patient-friendly solutions for our patients; OraCare can be one of those solutions.

OraCare has become a trusted solution for many dental hygienists who applaud the product’s efficacy in removing volatile sulfur compounds which cause more than halitosis. VCSs can have toxic effects on oral health because they impact wound healing by increasing the permeability of membranes and block oxygen from reaching the tissue, thus impeding healing. In particular, OraCare targets VCSs that lie in challenging areas, such as the back of the tongue and periodontal pockets. Additionally, OraCare is one of the only products that reduces VSCs by 98%. The end result is better breath for up to 24 hours and unimpeded wound healing.

5) OraCare is easy for patients to use 

Oracare is a two bottle solution, using it is as easy as mixing the two solutions in a cup and rinsing for 30 seconds. If used as directed, Oracare is an outstanding dental product which will help get your gums into great shape!


Happy dentisting everyone! If you have any questions about this topic or any others, my staff and I would be more than happy to talk to you about it. Just give us a call at the office – 610-446-4225, or just grab one of us at your next appointment.

– Dr.     M

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